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About Joseph Paul Bianculli

Virtual sessions will include a combination of breathwork and movement. This can look like qi gong, meditation, mindfulness practice, sound-making, and dynamic and static stretching.


The purpose here is to learn tools for self-care that can be used to alleviate stress, create more awareness, and increase general well-being.  


Who can benefit from this??


  • People who “have a lot going on”

  • Students 

  • People who feel anxiety and/or depression on a regular basis 

  • People with chronic musculoskeletal issues like low back pain, neck pain, etc

  • People who have trouble with sleep 

  • People who have trouble with digestion 

  • People who haven’t experienced these kinds of practices 

  • People who have experience with similar practices but want to pick up more tools. 

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Green tea

His manual therapy techniques heavily involve Zheng Gu Tui Na and Functional Release. He has trained under Dr Chi Wei Wong, a master level practitioner in all areas of the medicine. He has completed the Spine and Lower Body course in Functional Release. His manual therapy techniques involve manipulation of skin, joints, muscle, fascia, and bone.


His dietary experience includes: Vegan, Ketogenic, and Paleo. He worked for years in weight loss. He is a huge proponent of fasting for therapeutic and longevity purposes. He has done much work healing his own digestive issues and is always excited to talk about all of this. He uses Chinese Herbs as well His Qi Gong experience includes completion of the Long Men Pai medical qi gong course taught by Dr Steven Jackowicz and Master YuanMing Zhang. He practices the traditional Yi Jin Jing taught by Dr Chi Wei Wong and maintains a regular meditation practice.

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