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About Performance Acupuncture

At Performance Acupuncture, we integrate Western and Eastern medical knowledge and techniques to create a top tier, fully comprehensive level of treatment.


We utilize a Four Pillars approach using acupuncture, physical manipulations, herbs, and exercise to access the body on multiple levels and bring about therapeutic and/or functional change. We view the body as a single, functioning unit. This includes looking at every area of your life if necessary, such as sleep, diet, and habitual movements, to name a few.

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Green tea

At Performance Acupuncture we believe in contributing to a health care system that is convenient, effective, and sustainable. Access to high quality food, effective health care, and fitness culture are the foundation for good health and well being. We promote local food systems that deal in pastured animal and organic plant foods. We also work with other health and fitness professionals in a collaborative effort to give you access to what you need to achieve optimal health.

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