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Poultices are a blend of ground raw herbs mixed with various liquids and then applied to the skin, covered, and left on for an extended period of time.

Lower Extremity poultice (may contain)


Cortex Acanthopanacis Radicis (wu jie pi)


Angelicae Pubescentis (du huo)


Radix Achyranthis Bidentatae (huai niu xi)


Radix Clematidis (wei ling xian)


Rhizoma Cibotti (gou ji)


Upper Extremity poultice (may contain)


Ramulus Cinnamomi (gui zhi)


Radix et Rhizoma Notopterygii (qiang huo)


Ramulus Mori Alba (sang zhi)


Lower Back Region poultice (may contain)


Cortex Eucommiae Ulmoidis (du zhong)


Radix Dipcaci Asperi (xu duan)


Ramulus Loranthii (sang ji sheng)


Head and Neck Region poultice (may contain)


Radix Ligustici Wallichii (chuan xiong)


Rhizoma Cimicifugae (sheng ma)


Rhizoma et Radix Ligustici (gao ben)


Radix Bupleurum (chai hu)


Ramulus cum uncis Uncariae (gou teng)


Radix Pueraria (ge gen)


Radix et Rhizoma Notopterygii (qiang huo)

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