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Mental and Emotional Health

Feel Better

As with the physical, the mind and the emotions can be approached from different angles. We believe in utilizing as many avenues as possible on the road to greater emotional and mental health. To this point, we work with clinicians specializing in mental and emotional health to ensure our patients receive the greatest level of overall care. 


The use of acupuncture, cupping, manual therapy, diet, herbs, breath, and movement can all be used in supportive ways. It also works as a great support in conjunction with the different forms of talk therapy, whether it’s cognitive behavioral therapy, somatic therapy, or any of the other schools of thought that exist.


Supporting the body while in the emotional process is immensely helpful.


What we can help with:

  • Supporting the body in conjunction with other forms of emotional therapy/work

  • Help alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression 

  • Help move tension from muscles 

  • Calm the mind to help with sleep and general stress 

  • Help alleviate digestive imbalances where emotion is playing a role

Flower vase
Green tea

Acupuncture can be a very emotional experience.  While many people seek the aid of a licensed acupuncture practitioner for physical ailments, acupuncture allows emotions, which are so often buried deep inside of us, to flow freely.

It is not uncommon for people to experience a profound emotional reaction and may even cry, not from pain or discomfort, but from the movement of stuck emotions coming out of the body, allowing for a reprocessing.

Increased emotional expression is a sign of healing through acupuncture whether you are seeking help for a physical issue or an emotional one.  From the standpoint of acupuncture, the physical and the emotional are closely related. We often hear from patients that acupuncture treatments help with the recovery from physical activity and their mood and emotional state.  Patients report a feeling of relaxation and calm.

When the mind and body are both at ease, our body's natural healing abilities can take over, and your everyday bodily functions such as digestion and sleep will improve over time.

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