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Shifting in the New Year

What does “New Year’s Resolution” mean to you? So many ideas and feelings come up for me. It feels like this epic thing, it feels like marketing B.S., it feels like there’s something to it that has truth and purpose. What does the new calendar year mean?

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions myself. It’s not something that resonates with me. It feels forced, like I’m supposed to make some grand change in my life because the calendar and culture tells me to. I am big on personal growth, however and I find there’s a wisdom inherent to the natural world as well.

From the Daoist perspective, Winter is a time when life fully contracts and goes inward. There is cold, death, hibernation. Look into the numbers and you’ll see that more death happen this time of year. More divorce happens in January than other times as well ( I see some slightly different months for this but it seems many start the process in January).

It is recommended that in winter we go to bed earlier and rise later, following the sun. We should also sweat less as not to damage the yin substances in the body. These are the nourishing, moistening, components like, sweat, blood, synovial fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, sexual fluids, etc. Depletion of these substances can cause a number of issues that can be covered in another piece.

So what do we do with all this?

You tell me. I’m curious.

I find myself slowing down. I try to be engaged much of the year with activity that has me moving forward. I’m more active with my body, more ambitious with goals and acting on those goals. Now, I find myself staying in more. More meditating, writing, reading, entertainment like movies and videogames. Feeling like I need a recharge from the rest of the year. And yet, continuing to embrace personal growth. What needs to change and what wants to change happen within the process. Discoveries happen as we live and stay tuned in to ourselves and the outside world. The outside world being many things like our community, relationships, political events, economic shifts, natural phenomenon.

Is it necessary to create a resolution? Do you have a process? How does it happen? What comes up for you?

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